Carving pumpkins, drinking lattes, apple orchards, and jumping in piles of leaves... these are just a few of the memories that come to mind when I think of Autumn. This past Sunday I got to experience them all!

As we strolled along the beautiful Wayzata beach something even more beautiful and breathtaking was taking place and not just in the leaves...

Families were together, laughing, smiling, hugging, and remembering the simple joys in letting go of the stresses of the world; just as the leaves let go of the strain of the branch.

People weren’t thinking about the deadline at work, or of the dinner that needed to be made. Rather, they were enjoying the simple moments of family and what it means.

This Autumn, as you cozy up with cider and continue with traditions, don’t forget to take the time to look around you and smile with those you love and meet.