As some of you may know, I am originally from Massachusetts… Where driving is more of a roller derby, and you know what everyone is thinking because they’re yelling it at you! It is very different than the Minnesota nice (maybe not so much with some of the crazy drivers). Though I am in love with living in the Mid-West, it can also be draining on the heart to be away from family… especially the little ones.

These two bundles of joy definitely help with that! When they are around, I get all the loving’s that, not only do I desire, but need from one of the most important things anyone will encounter this Holiday Season. A family!

I am so incredibly grateful for their joy, life, spunk, and for those cuties always being simply amazing!

As you are surrounded at the table by those you love, take a moment to count your blessings… the big, the small, and especially your loved ones. Squeeze them a little longer, laugh a little deeper, and remember to soak it all in. We should never forget the importance of family.

Happy Thanksgiving!


 Brianna Keleher