There always seems to be this beautiful moment when new life is brought into this world. For some it is the pre-budding of a tree, the first snowflakes that falls to the ground and the way a small hand wraps around a secure finger.

Whichever it is, however it happens it brings something to us … joy.

For example meet Jack. He is a wonderful, handsome breath of fresh air where you can feel the love for him the moment you walk into the room, 80 degrees and all.

As his parents cradle him with hugs and kisses a tangible glow emulates across their faces.

Perhaps it’s the new parent look or the peace that a sleeping baby can bring but, for this family as gazes were met and snuggles were given it was the ear to ear smiles that really grabbed me and made me see the wonder that is around us if we just take the time to look and receive.

This Christmas as the family piles up at the table and gifts are given, lets strive to see the joy in the small bits throughout the day

Merry Christmas

Love Brianna Keleher 

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