The reality of being in awe is something that will always bring me to a pause in life. About a month ago I had the privilege of taking photos of the Ford’s newest little addition to the family, and it was here that I was able to experience just this.

As we were all working together to bring a sense of peace to little Caleb, a moment of beauty in its’ purest form took place: the tender love of a mom. She was hearing the discomfort in her son and doing everything she could to bring him ease. Angela picked up Caleb and held him close to her heart. It was not the bouncing or the rocking that helped calm his anxious spirit, but rather the reassuring, “I’m here, momma’s here,” that finally settled him down into comforting serenity.

As I packed up my stuff later on and said my goodbyes I was certain of one thing, well two if we’re being honest… That Caleb has to be one the most handsome baby boys I have ever seen, and that God placed Caleb in the perfect family.