There are times in our lives when we cross paths with people that end up having a forever impression on us. With Bell and Shirley, that’s exactly what ended up happening.

When I first met these two back in March there was one thing that spoke far louder than what words could do, and that was their passion and love for each other! If you have ever met them you would know exactly what I mean. Bell and Shirley love each other in such a way that it literally brightens up a room when they enter it!

Any time that someone would even talk about Shirley in front of Bell, Bell’s smile would instantaneously grow from ear to ear and the glimmer in her eyes matched it just the same.

When they asked me to be their photographer for their special day I was incredibly humbled. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more perfect brides to have captured. From their first glimpses of each other to the final dance, it was truly an honor to be their photographer…and the eleven person salsa band didn’t hurt either.

Shirley and Bell, congratulations to you both on your very special day and enjoy a life together!