One of my favorite parts of the year I would say would have to be summer. I love everything about it, from the nights getting longer, to cookouts, bonfires and iced coffees; though my favorite part about this season has to be the people that I get to see and how we spend time together.

This past weekend our country celebrated yet another Happy Birthday America! Complete with races, art fairs, parades and of course fireworks. Though each July 4th, would never even be complete without the opportunity to be around those that we love and see the smile that it all puts on their faces.

Below are some shots of a couple of the things that I can always count to bring joy to my heart, my nieces, Kaylie and Laura. They are the spitting image of what the love in my heart looks like and I am so great full to be able to capture their personalities each time I see them.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and remember to never stop capturing your candid moments in life.

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